Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We got snowed out this weekend. Snowed IN I suppose is a better analogy. It did allowe for some sledding with the small child and I actually got to spend time with the family. I suppose that is a good thing but I could have used the money. Made a new video though! Hope ya'll enjoy it!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have had the week off of work (thank you Marie!) and have been thoroughly enjoying it but unfortunately I think it backfired on me tonight. It is almost 3:30am and I am not tired enough to sleep. I have Facebooked for hours, completed a school project, and modified the Irish Rose Web page but nothing. I didn't know what else to do except blog so here I am.

I thought I'd post that I went to Morgan's Parent-Teacher conference and got no surprising news but did get to talk about her reading difficulties. Morgy was there and we both gave her strategies for dealing with stress and panic hoping to ease it. Little thing just worries to no end. Seemed to make her feel better as she immediately came home and read the opening paragraph of Inkheart and then we discussed the comprehension of it. (Yea Morgy!)

She's doing well in Math and was really surprised when I told her how much trouble I have with math even though English is easy for me. Her teacher told her he had trouble in science and some in math and I think she realizes that everyone has trouble in some areas. Hopefully I am doing right by her. Cody tries hard and deals with her a lot better than me most of the time. He's more patient. And he's home. That helps a lot. (I just visit.)

The weather is lovely here but we are supposed to get snow/rain this weekend. Hopefully it won't do too much. I need gas money! Toby and Annie have their full winter fuzzies on under their blankets so there is nothing to worry about there. Good thing as I don't have time to coddle them.

Photos are of my skeletons playing in a co-worker's pumpkin on Halloween at work, two photos of Me driving our new company horse, Mozart, on his first night on the carriage last week, and one of City Park in the snow two weeks ago. No snow anymore. It's 70!