Monday, March 29, 2010

Tripping on Lactic Acid

I have been on break from school for the last two weeks. In that time I have ridden Annie A LOT. Because of that as I sit here typing my legs are SCREAMING. Annie is starting to progress very nicely and I have been holding my own but suddenly over the last three or four days everything has been catching up. Pain. Much searing pain. I think my legs are trying to leave me a join up with a body that is less determined to be active again. It sure feals that way. (Ouch. Ouch again.)

Annie has been clipped as some friends have been riding her and the workouts are actually turning into workouts. She seems to like her new haircut and is still enjoying her deluxe accommodations in the barn. She is already starting to look show worthy and if I can manage to recover financially I might be able to go to one or two this summer. I hope so as I'd really like to start showing her off to more than just the folks at the barn.

I start school again tomorrow. Ugh. Very close now though. One more quarter after this and then internship! Then I can resume a real live life! Job, income, insurance... aaahhhh. Dreams! For now, I am looking at getting a PT job in fast food or something similar. A few nights a week just to keep ends meeting. Work has been steady and increasing for Cody which is beyond a relief. I miss the carriages but not the issues and still hope to buy the company. I KNOW I can run it better than Marie. Just a matter of getting through school, getting income, and then getting a business loan. Hopefully some property also. I am starting to get antsy about the future. I can "see" it ahead of me and don't want to wait for it anymore. Argh. :/

Last but not least I am including YouTube links of Annie videos. In the videos are: Jason, the handsome 30ish cowboy carriage driver and one of those nearly perfect people that if you didn't like so much you'd want to kill them, Christine, the 20 something cute former Texan who so sweetly risked her life to keep Mozart from killing us, our passengers, and the carriage this winter not to mention she rides show jumpers, and other horses worth 6 figures or more, and also one of me. Annie has turned into a spectacular horse. I am hoping to show her in some rated shows in a few years and maybe even some Hunter Derby's in the long future. I also still plan on teaching her to drive.

Well, here are the videos!!



Christine taking Annie over a tiny cross rail:

Me, suffering through pain and weakness brought on through years of inactivity:

This pic is very grainy as it was in the indoor arena late at night but Annie is moving SO well in it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, this is a little long in coming but here is another video. It is of an Art Show that we saw in February. Our friend Beth is an artist and one of her drawings was in the show and won Judge's choice. It was a lot of fun, except that I wore bad shoes. This was eventually resolved by a trip to Walgreen's. All the details are in the video!