Saturday, July 19, 2014


I has been years.  Literally years.  I have had many adventures but a new one is about to begin.  The folks are retiring and moving to Colorado.  I have been here working local jobs for a year.  in mere weeks the new house will have contracts signed, horses, dogs, and people moved in.  My friends out here in Colorado have been looking forward to this as much as I have.  I'm sure they will all make their place into this blog at some point.

I'm currently working as a yard hostler for Denver Mattress.  The equipment is... marginal, but the rest of the job is pretty cool.  I have a new little dog, Hamish, who joined me this fall when I was nearly bedridden by West Nile Virus.  Just a few weeks ago little Jack Jack came back with me after my last visit to Arizona.  He gets violently motion sick and Nana did not want to put him through the two day drive from Phoenix to Denver.  Probably a good thing as he got sick on the airplane.

All five horses are out here being boarded.  There is Ben, Sox, Senor, Ranger and I got a new horse, Red, who will be Morgan's new ride. Ranger is Red's best friend.  I hope to team them up and teach them to drive. Ranger arrived with me last year.  He was unimpressed by his first winter with snow but does love his extra warm blanket.

Ben, Sox, and Senor arrived a few weeks ago and arrived in style. Senor had a few bad days about a week after arrival but he's now back to his ornery self.  Not bad for 36.  Sox and Ben are in a huge dry lot all wild horse like.  They approve of the better weather.

Did I mention that only Buddy and I have seen the new place?  Nana bought the house sight unseen.  Quite a leap for her in my opinion.  Buddy and I saw the house and approved so they bought it.  It does have two outdoor decks, a walk out basement with a full wall of glass, 3 or 4 bedrooms depending on how you look at it, two large family rooms/dens, a nice kitchen, and above all a barn and lean to on five lush rolling acres. The horses will be so happy.

Morgan has been at her dad's all summer.  She has done very well over the last few years in school and has multiple times made the honor roll.  She is doing well in other things as well.  She has been in the Arizona 4H for two years and has ridden Senor.  She also did gymnastics and in school did drama, orchestra (she played cello), and science club.  She and Buddy are astronomy buddies and are quite the little engineers.  She has traveled with Nana and Buddy several times to Nantucket and we all visited Tampa and the other Williams clan members there.  In the future I hope to travel with her internationally.

Well, I will update this when there is something of note.  Next week I have a very old friend from California visiting.  Hopefully there will be blog worthy info then. Once all is in motion I will post photos and such.  I'm sure many of you will be visiting soon.  We already have an itinerary of guests into October.  I hope all will love the new place as much as I do.