Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's 2:30am. (Scratch that. 3:30.) I worked 10 hours with Cody painting and finishing the closet-from-hell and then edited photos for 3 hours. *sigh* Tomorrow: job hunting continues. And more painting. Well, enough of my woes. I am here to post a few teaser photos for the upcoming videos. I have at least 3 that need to be made. One of the recent Ernsberger visit (featuring a lot of Lacrosse), one of the camping trip Cody and I took last weekend (featuring a lot of off-roading, RC Combat, and illegal Fireworks), and one of some really spectacular photos I've taken recently. I also need to make another in the Annie video series but as Christine and I have both been working out rear ends off and have put Annie on the back-burner so as to be able to pay things like rent and board I think that one will be last. She is doing well, though. Ornery, hormonal, and disliking of anything not involving bounding over obstacles, but well. (Hehe!) OK, off to the photos!! I will include several from each of the future videos. Hope you all are doing well!