Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks for the snow!

I do hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Cody and I put Morgan on a plane to Missouri on Friday night to visit her dad, had Thanksgiving dinner with his mom and brother on Thursday, and with his dad's side of the family in Fort Morgan yesterday.
I had to be at work last night and found myself caught in quite a snow storm! It wasn't particularly cold. As a matter of fact the precipitation altered throughout the evening between snow, sleet, and rain. It was wet but not unpleasant and although it cut the night short and made for a lot of clean-up this previously seasonally deprived human is liking the variety in weather.
Cody went to work this morning and I have been laying in bed just watching the snow fall, and now, melt. I think we got around 2" total at our house. The barn where Annie is got around 6". I don't worry about her anymore as she has a lovely, thick coat now and has a wardrobe that would put Elizabeth Taylor to shame. I am sure she will be quite muddy when I see her next week! :)
Working again this evening and hoping for slightly better weather. Flurries add to the ambiance but blizzards do put a damper on business, no to mention co-worker's spirits!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sickly and Productive

Well, it has been a rough week for me. I spent most of the week under the weather but yesterday (Friday) I was finally taken down completely. The only good news is that I finally got a few days off of work. It took me some doing but I got a hold of some old school NyQuil and have been in a drug induced stupor ever since. After about 16 hours of sleep I felt up to being productive and managed to finally finish and publish Cody's new website Table Mountain Trimworks . Dreamweaver still gave me some trouble but we finally came to a truce. I agreed to follow it's program directive and it agreed to be considerably less illusive to my feeble mind. Let me know what you think!

In other news: Cody made it into the local paper this week. He took the opportunity to enjoy the 70 something weather last weekend and flew his airplanes (finally!) out at a local airfield. They published 3 photos of him and he has since printed and framed them. I am glad he finally got some "play" time. It has done wonders for his mental state.

Morgan has been less than thrilled with my crabby, sickly nature but managed to have some fun. Cody has a friend who's dad owns one of the local kid's fun centers (sort of like Chuck-E-Cheese's) and she got the run of the place. She played all the games, rode all of the rides and then got turned loose in the candy and toy area. Does it get much better for a 7 year old?
The dogs have been having fun also. Cody took them to the mountains one day and they created all kinds of havoc barking, and escaping, and other such doggie antics. Needless to say Cody doesn't bring Straton to the jobs any more. Brigs is OK, but Straton is just too big and untrustworthy. He is getting very good at home though. Maybe by this time next year.

Only a few more weeks of school for me and then break for a month or so. I would be happy except that I am not going to be doing much except working. Hopefully I can finish a coat I am trying to make before Christmas. I got a cool pattern for a Victorian style coat but haven't had time to do anything except to lay out the fabric and pattern. At least the website finally got done. If the coat takes the same amount of time it will be done sometime in June or July. Argh!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It was a very special day today. We had the first snow of the season! Morgan and I were thrilled. So was the tiny dog!

It was convenient that it was a teacher's conference day with no students so we all started the lovely day off by sleeping in. The snow was very lightly falling for several hours after Morgan flew out of bed. This allowed her to romp and play for a bit in the front yard. She had a blast!

Brigs joined her after a bit but as soon as they were cold they came in and enjoyed the comforts of the house.

I had school and had to leave for a few hours but Cody stayed home with Morgan as the snow precluded him from going to the job he was scheduled for. He was saying something about setting up his chop saw in a front yard or something of that nature. Lame excuse if you ask me. ;) (Just kidding!)

Straton likes the snow also but as a Colorado native he couldn't understand why this day was so special. He also does not understand why he can't play in the front yard like the tiny dog. He doesn't seem to realize that the tiny dog comes back! Straton is getting better but still isn't trustworthy outside the dog park.

The evening has been spent with a fire and movies. Cody never did get dressed but enjoyed the first day off in months to its fullest. He and Critter took at least two naps. The only productive things Cody did was the dishes and chopping up a small stump for the fire. I am glad he got some rest. He's been really rundown lately. Maybe this weekend will let him catch up on some much needed rest.

As for me, I was supposed to work tonight but Marie called it off. Fridays have been slow and traditionally the first snow causes Coloradoans to go into hibernation. There were few rides to be had and basically it wouldn't have been worth the gas to drive out. As the person who would have been sitting on top of the carriage bundled in every piece of clothing I own, I am not too terribly heartbroken over the choice. Tomorrow there is no out though. Saturdays are worked regardless of the weather in my limited experience. Good thing I washed my snow bibs and dug out the dawn coat. And thus it begins... =)