Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Morgan has requested I post more videos. She is out of town and I think she likes to show off all the things she's been doing. I am heading to Phoenix here soon and as I have made several videos and haven't posted them I figured the kid had a point.

First is the Ernsberger video. They visited for a weekend thanks to Andrew's travelling Lacrosse tournament:

Next Cody's Super 77th video. We went camping with a bunch of RC fly-boys, the dogs, a lot of alcohol, and a ton (literally) of fireworks:

A recent visit to the Zoo by Christine and Me resulted in much loss of tension, and many photos and videos of some exotic animals:

Last is a video I made of all sorts of photos from the last few months. Titled "Kalos" for the Greek word for beauty, it is my view of the beautiful things in my life:

Soon another Annie video will be produced. She has unfortunately been somewhat neglected here lately as Christine and I are both working crazy odd jobs to make ends meet, or at least get closer to meeting. She has moved back into the group pasture though and has many horse friends with whom to share "people" stories with.

I still have no steady job though I have done a lot of painting for Cody. Luckily Cody is working pretty steadily. I do have prospects though. I am going to get my Class A CDL and might just work for a while (maybe a year) and get bills paid off and back on my feet. I have been put "on leave" from school rather against my will but seemingly for the better. Though bills have been unfortunately had to be pushed back I hope that being able to work for a while will result in a better future for all of us. Lawyers have joined my list of creditors but previous bouts of poor judgement will be rectified moderately over the next few years thanks to them. Enjoy the AV shows and please if you live in Phoenix give me a ring between the 28th and the 8th, when I will be suffering with you in the Phoenix heat.