Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spring Swing

I made a new video covering everything that all us carriage drivers had been doing over the last two months. Everyone is loving this video so I thought I'd share it with you. Marie wants me to make a variation of this video to put on the website and I might have some other carriage companies that want me to do similar for them. I'm all for making videos, especially if I can manage to get paid for it so I say bring them on! We'll see what actually happens in the future...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Life has been good lately. I have been spending time with horses from the moment I get up until I go to bed at night. I've been over to Marie's place daily spending a ton of time with some of the young horses getting them ready to go downtown. Pippen has made two trips in the training cart down town and Pippen, Willow, and Bailey have all been down the road in it. Annie has been getting ridden and I even bought materials for a PVC drag to start getting her trained to drive.

The first photo is of the cottonwood trail that we discovered while driving Pippen the other day. This was the second day with Marie driving Pippen, Me riding Annie, and Katey was on the camera. I am also including the new video I made of when Katey and I went down with Bailey. Some of my favorite Squirrel Nut Zippers songs are in it. Enjoy all the photos and video!!

This is Travis. Marie got him from another person downtown who was going out of business. He's gorgeous, well broke, and has as much personality as Sweetie Pye! Everyone who has driven him just loves him!

And here is the video of Bailey!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, we have a huge problem on our hands. Straton has a severe phobia of thunderstorms. We have had him scale fences into the neighborhood, bust through windows to escape, and now that we are kenneling him he is actually hurting himself to try to get out. Today he chipped 4 teeth, bent the metal grate in the front of the kennel, tore all the pads on his front paws, tore up his face, and REAR legs (I have no idea how he tore up the rear legs). We are entirely flummoxed as to what to do with him. He is manageable if we are with him during the storms but today he was even with Brigs in the kennel and still freaked out. I have had to wrap his paws but what to do about him chipping his teeth? The only thing we can think of is a different home, preferably one in a place with fewer lightening storms or one in which someone can be with him when there is a storm. We just can't stand having him hurting himself. He has come so far in so many other ways, we have managed the door bolting, he is nearly over the barking at strangers, he almost has a solid recall, and he is spectacular at the dog park with only the lightest irritation at dogs that are obnoxious. He's great with the cat, Brigs, Morgan, in the car, in the house, exemplary house training, and he knows sit, down, stay, git, kennel, a frame, jump, tunnel, wait, quiet, it's OK, and off. Just looking at his paws I can see that his nails aren't torn but are bruised (of all things). Anyone have any solutions for us? We love him to pieces but can not watch him hurt himself anymore. Big sweet, stupid dog. *sigh* We will assist with any transportation, etc. if we can find a better home. He also loves chasing model airplanes, and floppy Frisbees, and would be a spectacular Agility dog. If anyone has any solutions that would allow us to keep him that would be beyond awesome.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It was Morgan's last full day in Colorado today. She leaves tomorrow afternoon to see her dad for six weeks or so. I needed to do some horse training at Marie's so she came along and played with Toby. He needed some exercise and so I let her choose a whip and turned them both loose in the front arena. The result was perfect: both got plenty of exercise and no one got hurt or upset. The day was gorgeous and the photos turned out wonderfully!
Katey showed up a little later and we got Bailey worked at the canter quite nicely just before it rained.
I have included TWO videos today! One of Morgy and Toby and one of Katey and Bailey. I hope you all enjoy them!

Getting this post in an email? Click the link below to see the videos!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, I am down to one final. I am thrilled more than you can imagine. The Parasitology test was ugly but the two I had today weren't bad at all. As you know my computer was down for over a week adding to the stress. Now it is back working and though Nana would like to see tons of photos and videos of their trip out here but I just am NOT up to completing that project yet. The horses in the lush Colorado pastures sounds MUCH more of what I need right now. Forgive me Nana. Just remember patience is a virtue.

We have a lady from New Mexico coming to try out Bailey and she sounds like a really good match. Keep your fingers crossed! Katey and I got him cantering while being ridden today and he did super! We sacked him out really well yesterday and he did extremely well with that also and Katey and I are thrilled! Yea Bailey!

Annie gets turned out with the shire mare Willow (she is the big black and white one), and her corral buddy Charlie. He is an Appaloosa Mustang.

Toby gets turned out in the round pen and the front arena because there is mostly weeds and little for him to get fat on. Isn't he pretty in his clipped coat?

Pippin is a 4 year old Suffolk Punch, a rare breed of draft horse. He is going out on the carriages in a few weeks. He is the all orange one with the gold edging.

Clancey is a beautiful Clydesdale/Belgian gelding who is Bailey's buddy. We are hoping to get him working by next year. He is the golden boy with the white mane and tail, face and legs.

There are some Pronghorn herds that hang around the area where Marie's place is and I happened to get a few pics of some girls. I am thinking that there will be little pronghorn soon.

Brigs was a big hit in the pasture. Apparently horses like butt sniffing also!

Just pop in Beethoven's Symphony #6 and enjoy the scenery!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


My computer has had a rough week or two. The last post was just before my computer crashed and I am just now getting it back online. *sigh* I would explain more but I'm too tired. I will now post a new video taken with my awesome new camera and then get to the task of installing my MyBook that I have had for a year or two and haven't used. It is finals week and I am having to get Bailey tuned up for a viewing next weekend by a very interested buyer. I don't want to get any one's hopes up too much... the video is of the Dog Park. The video of Nana, Buddy, and Sarah's video is not likely to appear for at least another week. Stupid computers. Oh, and the photo today is of my suture project. Kyle had a rough day.