Saturday, January 15, 2011


So, when I was home this week I adopted an abandoned and neglected mood ring. Morgan recommended that I check online for the meanings of the colors. I found this awesome chart at but have also come up with my own "trucker" interpretations. As I am very limited on this particular computer as to my photo editing program I will do my best to make the conversion easy for all.

Color- chart meaning- trucker meaning

Misty, sea foam green- flatulence- Just passed the last truck stop for 115 miles.

Goldish yellow- road rage- Welcome to Texas

Greenish brown- ennui- Damn. Out of paper towels. Don't they ever stock these bathrooms?

Black- hungry for waffles- Go back to sleep. It's so cold the truck won't start anyway.

Cobalt Blue- hung over- The heater coil works in the hand dryer.

Purplish (usually edged in gold on my particular ring)- sweaty- How far to the next approved fuel stop?

Light blue- full bladder- Weigh Station in 2 miles.

Muddy Yellow- jaded- Pull out the chains.

Hope you all enjoyed that little bit. As you can see I have a lot of time on my hands to think up all kinds of crazy things.

I am still liking the job. Due to the job I am currently unmedicated, a state I have not been in for almost 10 years, and I am not at all liking this state. I need to figure out how to get into a doctor ASAP. And to think I was looking forward to seeing if I could go without meds 3 weeks ago. Weeks 1-3 were OK. As of week 4 that would be a huge negative. Especially with 24 hours a day to feed on my unbalanced mind (undisturbed save for interactions with fuel island clerks and other truckers. Rather like the unbalanced leading the unbalanced). Kinda scary. At least I haven't disappeared into conspiracy or doomsday theories like so many of the other truckers out there. I, personally, blame it on the radio. I have discovered that in 90% of the country there are only fundamentalist Christian stations (AKA- "You are HEALED!), conservative talk radio (AKA- It's all Obama's fault. Bush had nothing to do with this mess.), country, and classic rock stations on the radio. My theory is that this leads to chemical imbalances that cause the paranoia and theory sections of the mind being overstimulated and thus "Trucker Mind" develops. Luckily in about 80% of the country a classical music station is thrown into the mix which causes the calm and peace centers of my mind to be kicked into action. For the other times I throw in a CD. Usually either Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony (that would be #6 for those of you not so familiar), the soundtrack to Four Rooms (a movie highly recommended BTW), or Reel Big Fish. Ska in particular has paranoia banishing abilities.

Signing off for now.
The Feisty Filly