Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have had a complaint recently as to the content of my blog being "disrespectful". I just wanted to note to those who are reading that this is a private blog where I share my thoughts and opinions on things going on in my life. This means that I will most likely embellish for effect, and offend on occasion. As this is a country where free speech is protected I will neither apologize nor retract anything posted here. If you don't like my opinions or comments DON'T READ MY BLOG. Aaahhhh. That feels much better.

As you can guess there is some chaos in my life right now. No need to bore you with details but lawyers are involved. Cody and I both have lawyers now. It's awesome. Can hardly make rent and feed ourselves and having to pay attorneys. Nice.

I do have some good tidings to share also. We are now back in fish. Morgan previously had a small, neglected tank of guppies and Cory cats that we moved from her room into our bedroom when we were doing furniture changes. It was in need of a new hood but as it was beyond ancient I couldn't find one to fit. When we originally moved into the house some neighbors gave us a 55 gallon tank and stand that they no longer used. We had thrown around the idea of using it for a snake cage but I finally decided that I wanted fish in it. I moved it into Cody's office in front of the window and set it up. We are all now huge fish tank fans again including Paxton. Cody wanted Neon Tetras so we got 10. Morgan wanted Snails so we got 3. I wanted Kribensis so we got a pair. We all decided we wanted more Cory Cats so we got 2 more. We have plans for 6 Glofish and about 5-10 more Neons. We all spend at least a half hour daily just sitting in front of the tank mesmerized.

A few days after setting up the 55 Cody had another neighbor offer us a 29 gallon tank. We accepted it and now have this one set-up in our bedroom in place of the old 29. I have African Cichlids in this one. Today Max just noticed the fish in the tank and started growling at them. Too funny!

Morgan is a little bike riding fiend and meets her friends before school to ride in mass. She often ditches us after school to play with these friends though when Cody got an early release of Avatar she did have the girls come over to watch it. She was the coolest kid in school that week! She is still doing very well in spelling and math and is progressing in reading (finally) so school has turned into not such a traumatic affair.

My friend Christine and I have been working diligently with Annie and have made significant progress. She is moving well under saddle and is now being ridden over small jumps by Christine. She's so sweet and pretty and really likes jumping. This makes both Christine and I very happy!

Spring is here and the trees and bulbs are blooming. We've had two wet snowstorms and two hailstorms with our first tornado thrown in the mix early this year. In another two weeks I should have Lilacs in my backyard again and Cody sprinkled the entire backyard with wildflower seeds so I am hoping to have lovely pictures for you all in Summer!

Cody is working and I have a new job at a Dressage barn grooming and working with the baby horses. Now if I can just get through school life will be grand!

I made a new video and tried to post it but it is 15 minutes long and was rejected by YouTube so you all will just have to be patient and wait until I can re size it for the blog. Bummer too as the HQ version was NICE! Toodles!