Friday, March 13, 2009


I got a complaint the other day about the blog. Apparently I am Blogging too much about me and not enough about the small child. My answer to this is I haven't seen much of the small child, or Cody for that matter, as I have been either at school, or work as of late. All that is over now for a few weeks as my final final was on Thursday.

You all are in luck though as the other night I just happened to be home when Morgy and Cody were building a new bird cage in the garage. I got some photos and they are posted throughout.
Morgan and Cody have bonded completely and I have to say that I think she prefers him to me most of the time. As you will see in the photos Cody is much better at including her in things. She helps him build stuff all the time. She is allowed to play with power tools, and he is as bad about eating junk food as she is so that pretty well places me second in the adored adult category. She likes Marie also, but it is more of the strawberry smoothies she makes than Marie herself.

Morgan got 100% on her spelling test this week (again Cody is better at this stuff than I am. They have studying down to a science.) but is still having some trouble with Math. I think it has more to do with her lack of interest than an actual difficulty with the subject. She just hates to bother with thinking about math. She loves science, and reading has become more fun now that she has figured out you can learn about stuff from books but she has yet to find a use for math. I would help her with that but find myself at a loss and saying "because I said so" and "you have to because everyone has to" a lot. Hmmm. I suppose my sweatshirt that says "I was told there would be no math involved" doesn't help either.

Cody is going to be going to New York to install a wine cellar next week so I am sure I will have Morgy stories to tell. She is getting very frustrated that I work on Friday nights and keep missing "Junk Food and Movie Night". Although Cody bakes cookies and they make pudding, and he lets her stay up later, and they eat almost no "real" food, it is still nice to be missed, even if only for my use of their air.

She is excited about little Toby coming to live in Denver next month. She wants to start learning to drive him and I am looking forward to being able to get her out to the stables with me. She wants to ride Annie also and I think that she might be able to poke around on her and learn to steer with little problem. Annie is so darn lazy and rather spook-proof so she could ride her in the round pen or front arena pretty easily. I can lead her around too. I am still trying to convince her that she can not drive Toby downtown though. Somehow she doesn't understand the concept that even if she can physically drive him that the rules don't allow anyone without a driver's license to drive a carriage commercially, and that even then the insurance won't cover anyone under 21. Her answer to this is "Well, you can sit next to me." Marie finds this too cute.
For news in other areas, I am training Marie's Clydesdale gelding "Bailey" to ride. I would give more details but given recent comments I think I should leave this blog entry "family focused". I will include the videos I have made of him this week, and a video of Morgy in the garage partyin' to Cody's iPod. Enjoy all!!