Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There have been some big changes over here. Straton is in a new home. We had a surprise storm one afternoon and he ate through our bedroom door. Cody and I decided that he needed to find a new home. We just couldn't afford to repair anything else. We found a home out in the country. A nice family on 35 acres that already had 7 Border Collies, does agility, and home schools so they are home a lot and have a 13 year old girl. He did escape from their place once but has since been returned and hopefully he will be doing well soon.

After a few days of sadness Cody and I found a puppy to fill part of Straton's gap. He is a tiny Shih Tzu/Poodle mix, black and white and cute as a button. His name is Max. Morgan came up with the name, Cody decided Max was cool if he could call him Maximus, and I said his full name is Maximus Doggus. He is settling in well though Brigs has been slow coming around. Today they were playing in the park and seem to have crossed a hurdle. We'll see if that keeps up but I have high hopes.

I have included a picture of Max and one of him and Brigs on the "new" couch for you all to see. He's had a minor haircut since the photo. I will get more photos and post them soon. Might even make a video. Speaking of videos... I included one of my new ones of the carriage horses. This one is a compilation of weather according to a carriage drivers in Denver this year.