Sunday, February 28, 2010


Katey and I have been working on our store. Lots of cleaning, classifying, storage units and buying. Not so much selling yet. I did sell my pony harness. Why you ask? Because I wanted one that had a little more "bling" and sold the old one for twice what I paid for the new one. Nice!! The photo featured today is of the bridle to the old harness. Now if I can figure out how to get a wagon...

Annie is in her new horsey home and we have been enjoying the indoor arena. I have been ill for over a week now but have still managed to see her a few times. She's doing well, other than having a lazy streak. Took to the indoor arena with no issues. She is rather fond of the mirrors, though, and I have trouble trying to keep her moving rather than stopping and playing with her reflection.

Toby will be moving into his new home tomorrow. He will be living with another pony in a big pen. Hopefully it will work out. If not there is another pen next to the other pony where he can be by himself. Cross your fingers!

As for my illness... it has caused me to be intermittently sick for over a week and unfortunately wreaked havoc on my Hematology class. I will be taking it again next quarter. I did finally go to the doctor yesterday. They are doing a "wait and see" treatment that will be checked on on Monday. Yippee. I just want my insides to work normally again. Bleh.

Morgan has decided she wants to wait on riding horses for a while. She is still pretty freaked out by them. I keep telling her she doesn't have to like them but she seems to like them yet is scared by them at the same time. Hopefully I can get the cart repaired or a wagon so she can continue to drive Toby. She seems to like that. Her Cello lessons are going well, though we all were sick this week and had to skip. She's now bugging me for swimming lessons. Hopefully Cody's high work load keeps up. =/

Other Morgan news is that she has horrible teeth. I took her to the dentist this week and found she had cavities. She did well for the cleaning, even liking it. When we came back in the next day to get the filling done it was a whole different ballgame. She completely lost it. There were eventually three dental assistants and the doctor in the room, a neat little strap down device called a papoose, some spitting, screaming, lots of Nitrous, and me really wanting to use horse restraints on her. I was kicked, and pinched to the point of bruising. The best part? She didn't even realize there was a needle and didn't feel anything. Her biggest complaint?
(This is how our conversation went)

"I couldn't breathe."
"That's because you were hyperventilating, and breathing through your mouth instead of your nose."
"I couldn't breathe through my nose."
"That's because you were screaming."
"Oh. I didn't want to be held down."
"We wouldn't have had to hold you down if you hadn't tried to run away."
"I just wanted to get away."
"Not the right answer."
"I don't think I'll be so scared next time. It didn't even hurt."
"Well, maybe just the tie down board. It's kind of nice and soft. Like a blanket. But I don't think I'll scream."

Awesome. There are two more teeth we need to do. The Dentist opted to wait for her 6 month check up to do battle again. I'm bringing body armor and rope next time. And maybe I can get a hold of some Propofol. Yah, that's what we needed. I think the Dentist might go for it. He was pretty worn out by the end. And to think his practice is entirely children. Crazy, crazy man.