Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am sitting here in a lovely restaurant in Flagstaff, belly full of a spectacular meal and figured I should write something.
I spent most of last week in ice. Most of it on an off-ramp a mile from my delivery in Tulsa, OK trying to explain to the maintenance crews and police why you should clear the ramps BEFORE you clear the highway in storms. They didn't get it. My rear wheels were 3/4 covered in snow and luckily I do have about a weeks worth of food on my truck. Unfortunately I do NOT have a bathroom.
Once I got removed from the snow I had to take my load, which now was so lat it couldn't be delivered, to Oklahoma City. I was then accused of not wanting to run because I refused to head either to Denver into a HUGE storm, Minnesota between two huge storms, or to Chicago which has been shut down for weeks and was getting a fresh storm. I managed to pick up a load back to Denver the day after the storm passed and then picked up another one over here to Arizona but was very disheartened by the fact that Denver had a huge storm rolling in and I got to spend less that 24 hours at home.
Escaping the snow in Denver was proceeded by skiing from the NM border to Santa Fe but since then the weather has been lovely. Off I go to Prescott AZ and hopefully to Phoenix where my medication awaits me. I have to say that I am quite desperate to be reunited.
But while on the off-ramp in Tulsa I did get started on a book. A novel. Wish me lock and I hope the fates have been kinder to you all.