Friday, August 15, 2008

Starry eyed

She's here!!! Annie arrived here in Colorado today healthy and looking great. She is being boarded at my boss's place on the east side of town. She has a huge pen and a big Clydesdale mare for company. And to welcome her a nice cold front blew in tonight. While only down into the mid fifties, that is almost 50 degrees cooler than what she left in Arizona just two nights ago! Marie is checking on her and will blanket her if she starts shivering. Welcome to Colorado Miss Annie!

I am still baffled by Dreamweaver but haven't had time to work on it. The Internet went down for three days last week and in that time I made up some brochures and such for Cody to do some marketing. He is busy building cabinets somewhere this week.

Next on the list is an update on the animal situation. Cody bought a cute little Creamsickle Corn Snake just before Morgan came home a few weeks ago. Morgan named her Rosie and she and Hazel are growing like weeds! Geraldine is growing also but she grows more in girth than length. I have included several photos of Hazel and Rosie on Cody's arm from a few days ago.

Well, I hate to blog and run but it is almost 2am and as I need to get up soon I should probably go ahead and get some sleep. Good Night all!