Friday, September 12, 2008

Chaos Abounds

Still no sign of the computer. I better find it quickly as the camera is almost full of photos!

So far:

Ceiling has been stripped of popcorn and re-textured.
Carpet and baseboards have been removed.
Painted fireplace brick has been sandblasted clean.
Ceilings and trim painted.
Main wall colors have been painted.
Cody bought another breeding group of mice.
I did all the laundry.
Morgan/I inherited a 30 gallon fish tank with guppies from Cody's dad.
Annie has eaten three stalls and is now in fully chew proof stalls.
Brigs has toured the neighborhood countless times and we now know all the neighbors who return him on a regular basis. (He is not fond of the construction noise and can sense an open front door within milliseconds.)
Critter (the cat) is totally enthralled with his new digs and is so glad that we got him a backyard.

Another thing of note is that fall is here and the weather has been getting cold regularly. Annie is now the pampered princess at Marie's place (my boss) and gets brought into the barn at the slightest sign of bad weather. Marie loves her and she loves Marie and all the huge draft horses. Sweetie Pie and Jade are two horses I drive now and Annie is best buds with both of them. I am also working with Marie to get her newest horse Pippin out and working. He is a totally adorable Suffolk Punch gelding who is short and wide, and cherry red in color with a bright orange mane. He is super quiet and should be out working downtown soon.

Well, I am at the library again typing this and my session is timing out. I will try to find the computer this weekend so I can post photos of all the house shenanigans. Wish me luck!