Wednesday, September 3, 2008


No photos this week because my computer is in some box buried in our  new garage.  Yes, we have finally moved into our house!  We are currently living in the basement along with the snakes, mice, cat, and dog as we have had to pull the carpet.  We are also replacing the baseboards, and scraping the popcorn ceilings before we borrow a friend's paint sprayer and coat the entirety of the first floor in new paint.  We discovered that the window in the kiddo's room is cracked and leaking so that will be replaced this week also.  

Cody has been hanging in like a trooper, especially considering I was working all weekend and I have school and work this week, but we have been a little edgy.  Cody seems to be better now that I did all the laundry last night and he got the snakes all set up on timed lights.  

Another cold front has rolled in also and Annie is blanketed again.  It is supposed to be no warmer than mid seventies this week and my boss informed me that I should "pull out my winter gear" for work.  Good thing I have bought a few things already!  The kiddo was very happy when I brought her home a scarf, lambswool hat, back-up jacket, and a microfiber bathrobe last night.  

Morgy has been exceptionally helpful with the house.  Cody lets her do most anything. She has been pulling staples from the sub-floor, hammering nails, and is very excited about wetting down the popcorn ceiling so Cody can scrape it tonight.  She is also one heck of a cleaner! When we left the apartment she cleaned all the cabinets and the fridge in the kitchen and they looked freshly painted when she was done.  It is so nice that she is growing up!  

Well, I will update with photos and such once I find my computer.  Lol!  Until then, we miss you all and hope all is well in your world!  =)