Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks for the snow!

I do hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Cody and I put Morgan on a plane to Missouri on Friday night to visit her dad, had Thanksgiving dinner with his mom and brother on Thursday, and with his dad's side of the family in Fort Morgan yesterday.
I had to be at work last night and found myself caught in quite a snow storm! It wasn't particularly cold. As a matter of fact the precipitation altered throughout the evening between snow, sleet, and rain. It was wet but not unpleasant and although it cut the night short and made for a lot of clean-up this previously seasonally deprived human is liking the variety in weather.
Cody went to work this morning and I have been laying in bed just watching the snow fall, and now, melt. I think we got around 2" total at our house. The barn where Annie is got around 6". I don't worry about her anymore as she has a lovely, thick coat now and has a wardrobe that would put Elizabeth Taylor to shame. I am sure she will be quite muddy when I see her next week! :)
Working again this evening and hoping for slightly better weather. Flurries add to the ambiance but blizzards do put a damper on business, no to mention co-worker's spirits!