Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, I am down to one final. I am thrilled more than you can imagine. The Parasitology test was ugly but the two I had today weren't bad at all. As you know my computer was down for over a week adding to the stress. Now it is back working and though Nana would like to see tons of photos and videos of their trip out here but I just am NOT up to completing that project yet. The horses in the lush Colorado pastures sounds MUCH more of what I need right now. Forgive me Nana. Just remember patience is a virtue.

We have a lady from New Mexico coming to try out Bailey and she sounds like a really good match. Keep your fingers crossed! Katey and I got him cantering while being ridden today and he did super! We sacked him out really well yesterday and he did extremely well with that also and Katey and I are thrilled! Yea Bailey!

Annie gets turned out with the shire mare Willow (she is the big black and white one), and her corral buddy Charlie. He is an Appaloosa Mustang.

Toby gets turned out in the round pen and the front arena because there is mostly weeds and little for him to get fat on. Isn't he pretty in his clipped coat?

Pippin is a 4 year old Suffolk Punch, a rare breed of draft horse. He is going out on the carriages in a few weeks. He is the all orange one with the gold edging.

Clancey is a beautiful Clydesdale/Belgian gelding who is Bailey's buddy. We are hoping to get him working by next year. He is the golden boy with the white mane and tail, face and legs.

There are some Pronghorn herds that hang around the area where Marie's place is and I happened to get a few pics of some girls. I am thinking that there will be little pronghorn soon.

Brigs was a big hit in the pasture. Apparently horses like butt sniffing also!

Just pop in Beethoven's Symphony #6 and enjoy the scenery!