Saturday, July 23, 2011


I'm in Salt Lake City tonight and for some reason there are several fireworks shows.  I've been running pretty hard and I'm getting ready to get into the leasing program through Swift so I'll have my own personal truck.  I'm very excited and the plan is to bring some family and friends along on some of my runs.  I'm also hoping to get on some of Swift's dedicated runs which will get me home a lot more. 

Today I am quite happy with how things are going though I miss Morgan and the family a ton.  Little Jack is a gift I appreciate daily and my moods have definitely stabilized for the better since acquiring him.

I will be headding to Sacramento, CA tomorrow and most likely will have lots of photos to post this week as afterwards I will be headding to Seattle, WA.  Gorgeous country up there and blessedly cool.  I'm really tired of this nasty heat this summer.