Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Another introduction today. Well, two, to be exact. These two beauties to the left are Geraldine and Hazel. They are our two girl snakes. Cody took this photo of the two hanging out in his big mitt.

Geraldine is the brown and yellow chunky one. She is a Sand Boa of about 6 months of age. Gerry is super mellow. She doesn't move around much when we hold her. She loves to burrow and can disappear in seconds when put back into her little home.

Gerry is great for the kiddo because she will lay under her leg for hours on end and let her pet her without moving much. She eats well and quickly and has shed once since we have had her. She is VERY strong and is constantly moving through the substrate in her cage. She can easily move under the heavy rocks and water dish.

The other, skinnier, grey and red beauty if Hazel. She is a baby Corn Snake. She is probably a Miami Phase, which is the name of her color variety. Hazel is a very good pet because she is easy to handle and is also out roaming her cage much of the time. She has a bunch of branches and hides and travels over the entire cage several times daily. Right now she is in a 20 gallon extra long tank but I think with how active she is I am going to try to get her a 55 gallon or bigger tank soon.

Tomorrow we should be adding yet another snake to our collection. Cody found a Pueblan Milksnake from a breeder online and decided he just HAD to have him. He is beautiful in alternating bands of red, black, and white. His cage has been set-up for almost a week now and hopefully he will be a little more like Hazel than our last milksnake and be easy to handle.

Our first snake, Sniffy, was a Sinaloan Milksnake. He was the kiddo's birthday present from Cody. Unfortunately he got sick. I had to give him injections and after a few days he decided that I was not his favorite person and made a bid for freedom. Actually he jumped. That's right. Snakes can jump. I didn't know that either until Sniffy escaped from my normally skilled hands. After hitting the ground he bolted and we never saw him again.

The apartment is now VERY clean. Cody and I stripped it and searched in every nook and cranny, every drawer and inside everything in the apartment with no sign of the little escapee. We still harbor a tiny bit of hope but the reality is that Sniffy is unlikely to survive, and if he does he does not think highly of us humans and likely will not allow us to find him. We both miss the pretty little bugger and hope that someday we will be able to get another beautiful Sinaloan.

Well, hopefully I will have more pictures of the new boy, Betelgeuse, tomorrow. Cody will be waiting anxiously for the overnight package to be delivered. Tonight he came home with backgrounds for all the tanks and added them into the decor. I am thrilled that he has caught my animal "bug". Now if only we can get his flying back online... lol!