Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let It Snow

It had gotten nice again, it was in the low 60's two days ago but the forecast sounded ominous. Last night I decided to check the weather online as it had gotten rather nippy yesterday and this is what I found:

Hmmm... Marie was worried about a big reservation that we have tonight and so I figured I'd take a look at the forecast. At 9pm I will likely be sitting on the carriage.

Yes. It does say "feels like 7 degrees." Obviously I will be donning ALL of my winter clothing. I am thinking that I will have to wrap my face if I decide not to go get a face mask. Decisions, decisions!

Brigs can do quite a number on himself when the snow starts falling. Cody got these pics the last time it snowed. He just runs and runs until he looks like this and then comes inside and dries off. Then he crashes and sleeps until he needs to pee again. Lol!

I still don't know if I am working tonight. Marie will call us all and let us know soon. If I am I am sure there will be another blog tomorrow telling my woes! Happy Holidays all! =)