Monday, May 18, 2009


I sent the previous post to my friend Katey from work. You all know her indirectly from the photos of Bailey and on the carriages. Katey is cool. Katey is funny. Katey attracts the strangest people on the planet. Here are her comments on the post I made. All of this has been directly cut and pasted into this post. I hope you all get a kick out of her take on Carriage Driving!
Blog comments:
#7 - 5 dollars will not get you anywhere either.
#8- My horse is also not a Persian or a Klondike. She is not a minature clydesdale. Clydesdales are NOT "much bigger"- all draft horses run in a variety of sizes, they are all BIG. If you don't actually know how tall horses are, please do not ask me if she is "what, 19, 20 hands?"
#9- She's also not tired. Esp. at 5pm when we have not even done any rides yet!
... And my own grievances:
There are some phrases we get tired of. "Thats a big horse" is one of them. Yes... yes it is. Thank you Captain Obvious.
If you are scared to pet the horse, just don't bother. I am not here as your psychologist to help you get over your fears. If you are going to scream as soon as you touch it, DON'T TOUCH IT!
On that note... Yes, it is alive and therefore can move- if she thinks you are a fly she will twitch- she is not bucking or kicking or trying to bite you- she thinks your a fly. Yes, she can move her head. Yes, she will bite you if you stick your hands in her mouth. No, shes not going to kick you for standing next to her.... but I will let you think that if it keeps you away.
This horse is not a wild horse. Draft horses were never wild horses. If I let her run free in the wild, she would die. Have you ever seen a wild horse this size? No... and theres a reason for that.
10 is not old for a horse. Note: Horse... not dog.