Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well this week a new development arrived at the house. The Enormous Lilac bushes in the back yard came into bloom! They are beautiful and smell heavenly! Every couple of days we are cutting a few sprigs and bringing them indoors and the house now wafts Lilac perfume. Spring is very cool!

Little else has changed. I am still spending a lot of time on school. The parasites are still working me over but I think the battle might be won this time. So far I am hanging onto a B in the class by the fine edges of my overly chewed fingernails. I am hoping to keep it though a C will be fine too. I just never want to take this class again!

Morgan is getting through the last few weeks of school and seems to be doing OK. She is still less than enthusiastic about homework but the reading is coming along. She is looking forward to visiting WEB Ranch over the summer. Especially swimming in pools where the water is warm!

Cody is working sporadically. He seems to be focusing on installing doors lately. Apparently he specialized in third story condos now. Next week he goes to New York for a cellar install again and should be extremely wrecked mentally when he returns. The last few trips out of town have worked out not quite as planned. (To say the least!) Hopefully things will go more smoothly this time.

Lastly the animals are enjoying the nice weather. Annie is enjoying fresh grass as Marie's place is dense with spring growth so she is getting out for pasture grazing most days. Toby is still on a diet and exercise regime but has managed to crawl around on knees enough to edge around his stall to a depth of 12".

The dogs are loving the warm days and are spending a lot of time outside. Brigs had to get a short hair cut as he was obnoxiously plush but should look normal again in a week or two. And Miss Pixel has finally come around and decided that we are not going to eat her and even has allowed us to pet her! She has a huge purr and loves back scratches. I got some pictures of her as she was hiding under the bed downstairs. (She doesn't like the camera!)