Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hello again all! Another update full of photos is headed your way!

I am currently "alone" as Cody and Morgan are in Phoenix visiting and remodeling. I say alone in quotes because I am not really alone. I still have Brigs, Straton, Critter, Annie, Hazel, Rosie, Jedi, Geri, Fred, Autumn, the birds, mice, and fish. So you don't recognize a few of those names... that is because we have had a few changes in the snake clan.

After a family meeting we decided that as beautiful as BJ was he was just too hard to handle. We like the Sand Boas and Corn Snakes so much we sadly took in BJ to our reptile shop and traded him in for a Amelanistic corn snake female we have named Autumn, and a baby (teeeeeny tiny!) male sand boa I have named Fred. So that brings the snake count up to six. Cody and Morgan have a lot of fun with them swimming them once or twice a week and feeding them three times a week.

We have also had a temporary visitor. (See photo below) Cody found a beautiful brown snake at work a few weeks ago and let him visit for a few days. He was handsome and fairly calm and I wanted to keep him but Cody has better impulse control and once there was another warm spell he released him in the little creek in the park across the street.

The other snakes are growing like weeds. The Corn snakes gladly eat three times a week but Geri has Cody worried as she only eats about once a month now. I think that she is just slowing down since she is older and has a slower metabolism than the corn snakes but Cody is not convinced. She sure doesn't look poorly though! Fat and huge, she shows no signs of wasting or dehydration. And we got her fine sand for her cage now and she just LOVES it! Every day we check and she has new tracks all over the cage.

As for everything else, the weather is alternating between 40s during the day and 70s, but nights are consistently around freezing. I seem to always guess wrong when dressing so I am nearly always freezing or sweating. Hopefully I will figure out this layering thing soon.

Annie is doing well. She had a hoof abscess all last week and so I finally had the vet out on Friday. She of course was better Thursday night and managed to only show a very slight lameness in the front right leg but it was unspecified. The vet said it was likely an abscess and to give her bute for a few days. Today I came to visit and she was feeling much better. (To say the least!) She was hopping all over the place on the lead and when I turned her out in the front arena she took about six laps before she stopped running! She was even rearing and leaping through the air and really acting up a storm! I guess she is ready to get back to work! I will go visit her tomorrow afternoon.