Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After almost two weeks of temps close to 80 Fall is here again. This time for good! The leaves are changing and the cold rains have moved in again. Annie is living in blankets and sheets 24-7 and soon we will be seeing snow. Tonight we did get a bit of sleet/freezing rain and likely I will be dealing with ice tomorrow for the first time since NY.

At least we know Brigs is ready for the snow. In August and September he and Cody were up in the mountains during the summer snow storms and Brigs just LOVES snow! We'll see if that relationship stays strong until next spring.

Straton is also fitting in great with the family. He still has some poor manners but has yet to do anything "wrong". He and Brigs are buddies, often choosing to sleep in the same kennel and playing together very well. Cody is really starting to bond with him, but he is still very much "my" dog.

Cody still plays hard with the tiny dog and Straton has had to get used to this being "OK" but slowly he is learning that he doesn't need to protect us from Brigs, and he can even play along.

There are more pictures and such but it is almost 2am and I have to get up early so I suppose I will go. Hopefully I can post again tomorrow. =)