Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Basement Story

So this week we have been working on the basement. I also started my second quarter at Bel-Rea. Yippee. First I want to refresh your memory as to what we were working with:

There was the five different lights... from swags to track lighting.

Funny story about these lamps: Cody asked if I wanted to get rid of them, and then asked if I wanted to keep them right after. I answered "yes" meaning yes I wanted them all gone. He looked at me funny and said "Really?" I looked at him equally funny. He then sighed and asked where I wanted them. "In the dumpster preferably." I replied. He realized the confusion, smiled and laughed. He said later that he had almost re-evaluated the relationship thinking I wanted to keep them!

Remember the paneling, and teal carpet?

And of course, the faux brick paneling...

The stairwell was just lovely also with brown carpet and a topper of the green shag from the rest of the house.

I don't believe I showed you all the laundry/storage/mechanical room in earlier posts.
As we are focusing on the basement in this episode and as it is in the basement I figured I'd show it off. Caution: this area is our current catch-all for all things that don't fit anywhere else. It is SCARY messy!
The entry from the basement main room:

The laundry area and Cody and my current closet.

I mentioned the storage, right?

The view from the laundry room into the main basement before the demo:

First the carpet came up. Hmmm... that is really gross under there!

ALL the carpet! (Um, EEEEWWWWW!!!)

As you can see above, the stairs and basement had some issues we weren't expecting. Previous owners had pets. And these pets peed. All over the basement and stairwell.

So we Kilzed the basement stairs.

And then the floors. And then the walls.

The new dog, Straton, and Brigs were helping yesterday!

There have been a few other developments besides the remodel in the last weeks. Cody found a Corn Snake breeder in Colorado that had a Ghost Morph that he wanted. So now we have 5 snakes. Jedidiah, "Jedi", is our newest snake. A male ghost Corn Snake. He's about a month old and the size of a pencil! Cute, cute, cute!!!

Here is Rosie hanging out in the bathroom...

and Hazel hanging out with Cody on her favorite perch.
(The white on Cody's face is Kilz paint)

Straton is blending into the family very well. Everyone is quite happy with the arrangement, especially Straton!

And here are the Corn Kids hanging out in the bath. Cody swims them two to three times a week. Great exercise for them and helps them shed their skins when they are shedding. They have all learned to suction their heads to the sides of the tub when they want to rest. Aren't they cute?

Back to the basement! Kieth came over yet again today to help Cody with the colored paint and the floors. As we are broke and can't afford to replace the paneling right now we decided to go with a faux painting scheme and we are quite happy with it. It will be a great little play room and TV room for us.

The brick paneling has some sort of humor value with Cody so we decided to go with brick red as we couldn't really think of another way to deal with it. We really like the look and Cody is thinking of replacing the paneling with real faux brick walls when we have some cash again.

And so this is where we stand right now. I will get photos after the trim is in and once we start moving the furniture and toys in.