Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Paint and floor!

Well, after demo comes paint. Well, first Cody patched walls, pulled nails, and then the masking started. First the windows so the trim and ceilings could be sprayed white.

And then the REAL masking started.

We masked the windows,

the trim,

the doors,

the ceilings,

did I mention the trim?

More windows,

and of course the fireplace.

Everything got painted... the doors,

the trim,

and then the colors!

That is sure a pink closet!

Hmmm... those walls sure look orange...

but the Sage turned out very nicely!

Morgan was very excited when her paint was complete.

And the colors turned out lovely in our bedroom!

The Orange dried a lovely earthy gold. Here is the hallway looking into Morgan's room.

And the office looking into the living room...

We were still a little unsure about the "Pumpkin" (as we dubbed the color) so Cody set-up a demo of the floor and trim. I was much encouraged!
Now to the floors!
At this point we really classed up the neighborhood by storing the hall bathroom in the front yard. Good thing our neighbors are forgiving! lol

Keith showed up again and he and Cody got cracking on the floors.

I saw a lot of this end of Cody that week!

It took a few days but the trim got finished and the bathroom resumed it more usual place. The neighbors were extremely pleased! =)

Once the trim was in we started to move in. Cody and I are very pleased that the landlords left their two stained glass lamps. The Dragonflies now grace our bedroom.

On to the finished photos...
Well, there are still a lot of boxes but it is very close to being finished anyway!
The office from the living room!

The Living room window side. This is the room seen from the front of the house.
Cody's plants are much happier inside again.

The hallway into the living room...

I really like Cody's antique Love Seat/Chairs combined with the wall color.
A little funky but cool!

This photo is a little washed out but here is Morgan's room finished with chair rail, and loft bed. She loves it!

Another view. Cody put his rainbow kite on the ceiling and bought her the cute little flower floor lamp. She has the coolest bedroom on the block!

Now Cody can get a little much needed rest.
The Tiny Dog also feels that he has worked very hard.

The next entry will be: The Basement!