Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Christmas Story

So I checked my previous posts and realized I never really told everyone what I got for Christmas.

I got home late, as usual, somewhere close to 2am and discovered what I really wanted: a 102" Comp-Arf Yak! There was also a nice fire and candles and a card. Soon following the card was a little box. Yup. We're officially engaged! =)

I said yes of course and the ring is perfect. A small, gold, wedding band. I am thrilled that I can wear it all the time! I am far too active for anything that isn't flush to the finger.

For Christmas Day we went to the Urgent Care as mentioned previously for a nerve flare that caused the third sleepless night in a row. Provided with narcotic pain killers, muscle relaxants, and instructions to go to the ER we had a lovely family dinner with Cody's mom, dad, step-mom, two half brothers, and half-sister. The ham was AWESOME! We were glad that they brought chairs! (And ice and heating pads for me!)

After watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and some of Planet Earth everyone went home quite full and happy. Then Cody and I packed up and headed to the ER.

The ER doc was awesome. I told him my symptoms, history, and also that I had no insurance. He listened and explained that he had two docs in his practice that have similar injuries. He didn't order the MRI saying "you'd just have a $5000 bill and a result saying nothing has changed" and instead dosed me with steroids, Valium, and Percocet to sleep with. I was out of the ER in 2 1/2 hours. Seriously.

I was like a new person the next day. With a "Z" pack of step-down steroids and a few nights of sleep I was bouncing off the walls. I had one night of minor flaring two days after the last pill in the "Z" pack and no symptoms since then. I saw the Chiropractor today and am booking every other week regardless of anything to keep this from happening again. Better living through chemistry and eastern medicine!

I started school again yesterday and am remembering why I prefer to work than go to school. But at least I have an awesome plane to fix up for Spring flying! And as for the wedding... Cody and I are thinking Fall but likely it will not be this year. We just can't afford it until I get out of school. I'd say October 2010. Keep it open!