Monday, January 26, 2009

A Poly-Filled Day

It is snowing again. And it's cold. Again. I believe it was 12 degrees today and another storm has rolled in. Good thing I am still fascinated by the seasons thing.

I am coming to realize why the Eskimos have something like 100 different words for "snow". This morning there was a blanket on my car that looked like the poly fill that you blow into the stuffed animals at the build-a-bear places. It was caused by the super light, super cold snow that fell most of the night. This made super thin filament ice crystals then as the morning came on the snow got a little denser. Finally on top of the super thin filaments was a half-layer of more "normal" flakes and the tiny snow "balls" that tend to show up when the snow melts and freezes as it falls.

The best part of this "poly fill snow" is that it *poufs* when you brush your car off, just like a powder puff exploding all around you. I had a huge grin on my face while experiencing this phenomenon, which is quite a feat for me at 8am!

As the day wore on the snow flurried softly. At one point the sun came out and I thought "That was a nice little storm. Now it will clear up." Wrong. About 2pm it started snowing for real. I had to brush my car off again after classes and managed to get a bit in my car upon entering.

The roads weren't too bad on the way home. Once again I was thinking we were over the bad stuff and was wrong yet again! There is another storm moving in and the schools have already declared that they are on a delayed start in the morning. Morgan's school anyway... mine starts right on schedule. Yippee. Have I mentioned how much I don't like Parasitology?

OK, enough about the snow. I should mention that I did get to go to the Stock Show again on Sunday. We got to see the 8 horse hitches and the heavyweight sled weight pulls. Totally cool! Check out the videos on my Facebook page. (hope this link works... )

The Heavyweight pulling class was awesome! The biggest team had a combined weight of 5000lbs. and they pulled 14500lbs. That was COOL! Watching those horses dig in is breathtaking. They sure love it too! The drivers have a hard time getting them hooked up before they take off.

Lastly today, I have included a few new pics of Annie that I messed around with in Photoshop. I got to ride her two times before the weather turned "normal" again. She has three blankets on again and I am back to wearing three layers at minimum. Alas, it is Colorado in January! We couldn't expect the April weather to last.