Thursday, January 29, 2009


I was informed today that I need to restate my disclaimer on my previous post. My random images included a photo of a cute little car I saw in a fast food drive through line but I included it when I was commenting on cleaning my car... The car pictured (unfortunately) is not mine. I still have the cute little red Cavalier you have seen in so many previous snow photos.

In other news, a really spectacular horse I know is rather surprisingly for sale. As much as Marie and I would like to add him to the carriage horse string, he is out of our price range. The picture here shows just why he is out of range and so desired. His name is Kobie and he is a Friesian cross (likely with Percheron). He is 17hh, 1600#, and is beginner gentle. He is listed on Sherry's website ( ) with more beautiful pics and a video. I wanted to let any ultra generous person out there know what a wonderful early birthday, belated Christmas, or Valentine's Day gift he would be. ;) And tomorrow I will go buy a lottery ticket... what is life without dreams?

My Car

NOT my car!