Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Random photos in this blog. I found some old pictures of Annie and Toby when they were "kids". The rest are random photos that have caught my eye today.

As for the title of today's entry, I saw a dentist today. I have been trying to avoid it as #1 we are broke #2 I know I need a bunch of stuff done to my bottom incisors #3 who DOESN'T put off the dentist?

The reason for the visit was that my teeth are finally throwing in the towel and aching like mad. I got the pleasure of taking 18 X-Rays and getting a general once-over. The really nice Doc said I have no cavities but need a "deep cleaning" (sounds ominous) and he will finally remove the cursed permanent retainers! All of this will be completed in a few weeks.

I am getting to like the new "Corporate" style of medicine that is being implemented now a days. I now have Dental insurance through this place, and medical through the Urgent Care facility I have visited on a few occasions recently. The fees are quite reasonable and now when I go in the prices are not anything that will have me paying out for the next half century. Cody is on the plan also. Sweet!

In other news, I hate parasites. And not just in the normal human response to foreign body invaders, I hate the class also. Probably part of this is my natural aversion to organisms that burrow, tunnel, and otherwise destroy other organisms. Honestly, though, a lot of it is that I am having to really crack the books for this class. I am spoiled by having so much experience in this field. I rarely have to do much studying for my classes. I was hoping to be able to focus on the A&P lab but I am spending far more time looking up photos of Nematode eggs and Hexacanth embryos I need to be able to identify by Latin name.

It occurs to me that the A&P and Parasit classes have a similar difficulty for me: Latin. I really don't like Latin names. They are always spelled so funny. And I have a hell of a time trying to remember things I can't pronounce. What is with the doubled letters where you wouldn't expect them and then no doubles where there should be? The biggest stumbling block is the odd vowels. In English the vowels stay pretty much the same. There are goofy rules and exceptions for other things but the vowels stay pretty much close to what I learned in Kindergarten. Latin has blown that out of the water for me. I now balk at any unfamiliar word that contains more that two vowels. It may take me a while to resume my previously good relationship with English. I think I may be a little "gun shy" after this quarter. *sigh*

And now for a lighter subject: Morgan appears to be the only one in the household with any drive to clean. She is the normal "tornado" that kids are: leaving her jacket and backpack in the middle of the floor, wrappers on the table, dirty bowls in the sink, but once we ask her to clean she does it with gusto!
She had had Kiyah, one of her little friends, over to play this weekend. They pulled out all the stuffed animals and such and, of course, left them out. Tonight Cody asked her to clean them up and when I went down to check she had not only picked up her toys, she had swept the floor! She does NOT get this from me. I have no desire whatsoever to to any more cleaning than necessary in any situation, except maybe at the barn. Maybe I should turn her loose on my poor car...