Monday, February 2, 2009

Ponies and Planes

I have been dreaming of ponies here lately. I have grand plans of bringing Toby Kieth, the cutie pictured to the left, out here to Denver to pull a carriage with kids around. I have been emailing carriage makers to see what I can stir up. I am also looking into how much the transportation will be. Hopefully things will go well and I can get the little ornery beastie out here. He is currently overweight and in need of a job.

In more interesting news: Cody is currently occupying himself with looking for work and working on airplanes. He needs to find lots of work soon as he is getting down-right jittery. I am afraid he will come up with a credit card and a house full of new planes. So far he has controlled himself for the most part.

He does have one new little plane, a Waco, that he even ordered vinyl graphics and such. It's called the "Miss Morgan". Isn't that sweet? Morgan is quite pleased.

There is little else going on over here. The only other thing of note is that Annie has finally become something close to a riding horse. After a year of riding she finally has all three gaits in both directions. She is quite lazy by nature and getting her to canter has been a struggle. Over the last two weeks she has finally given in and has even been giving me the leads I ask for. She is still pretty "green" but is quite unflappable on trail. Once I get her solid on all gaits she'll be a darn nice riding horse! Now I want to get a training cart so I can finish her in driving. Her ground driving is exceptional and I would love to have her driving also.

I have included a few pics of the "Miss Morgan". Cody took it with him to visit the gentleman who taught him how to fly this last week. It is sitting on a full sized Tiger Moth.