Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deep Cleaned

I got to visit the dentist today. Just last night I watched Bill Cosby: Himself on On Demand. As the super nice Doc was sticking me over and over again with the needle and my face was going numb I just kept hearing Cosby's dentist skit. By the time he was working on me I was mentally laughing about my "bottom lip (being) in my lap". Good thing I have a sense of humor or this adventure would have been less than pleasant. Luckily the Doc and assistant were horse folks and as I had my iPod I had pictures of my Annie to show off to them. Unfortunately, the dental visit was the highlight of my day, having taken another Parasitology test this morning. Send "passing" thoughts my way. I may not get through this class otherwise.

The photos included this time are provided by Marie. I am working on setting up her website and she sent photos of the farm today. Above is Marie in the back pasture driving Pippin, her little Suffolk gelding, when he was about 3. He is a little bigger now, and considerably more filled out. The other pics are of Jade, the 18+hh Belgian mare, and Clancy, the 1/2 Belgian 1/2 Clyde gelding in a striking flaxen sorrel coat with 4 stockings and a blaze.