Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today was windy. Moderately windy here at home and exceptionally windy out at Rockin' IR (Marie's place, where Annie lives). I believe it was blowing at least 50 mph and may have been close to 70 mph! We had trouble standing and couldn't see through all the blowing dirt. All the horses had their butts turned towards the wind. I was laughing quite a bit!

There has been a bit of news at work this week: Moonlight had a major haircut and now sports some lovely satin sheets when working (see photo of Katie and Moonlight from Sunday above), and Irish Rose now had another pretty white Percheron mare named Angie. Angie just arrived on Monday from New York City. She was a Central Park carriage horse and is absolutely adorable! She is built a lot like Sweetie Pye but has a prettier head and neck. I will get pictures soon! Marie hopes to have her working downtown by the first week of March. She also has plans for Sweetie Pye and Angie pulling a Hay Rack as a team this summer and fall. Maybe I will learn to drive teams! We are also still amped about getting little Toby out here. Marie wants us to go to the Waverly auction to see what kind of wagon we can find for him in the spring.

I am also working on a website for Marie's boarding barn. In the process I am playing with photoshop. I have included a few of the photo shopped pics for your viewing pleasure.

As for the rest of the family: Cody has unfortunately had another bad back spasm. He has spent the last three days in bed under the influence of muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and has seen a chiropractor for the last two days. He will likely see the chiropractor again tomorrow. But at least we have airplanes covering every surface of bare wall and ceiling in the house! And the dogs have been working diligently at keeping him warm and loved. Morgan has also been doing stuff for him like bringing him food, and drink, and getting him movies. She has been very well behaved, probably partly due to a four day weekend thanks to President's Day and a "No Contact" day at school today. I have a feeling that she will be a bit grumpy tomorrow when we send her back to school.

As for my schooling, the parasites are still kicking my rear end all over the place, but at least I am doing acceptably in Anatomy Lab. I am still passing Parasitology but it is a close one. Even now I am avoiding looking up my ID parasites. They just creep me out. We saw videos of heartworm microfilae today and I my skin is still crawling. Next is Giardia. Yippee. Lab should be particularly stinky this week. *sigh*

Well, it is supposed to snow tonight but so far nothing. Maybe it will pass us so that Marie and I can get Angie driving. I would also like to keep riding Annie as she is doing very well. Much snow will put a damper on those activities. I say that Arizona can continue getting our snow, at least for another week. Then we can have a blizzard. =)