Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am frazzled. Entirely. Seems like I have missed something every class, every day this last week or two . I will be ecstatic when this quarter is over. I am passing, but that is about all I can say. Today was Anatomy, tomorrow is immunology and parasites. Yippee. I just want to ride my horse and see my daughter. *sigh*

Cody has some work this week. A kitchen for the folks who have given him several airplanes recently. The ones who gave us the little bug I posted several posts ago. He is perking up a bit, which is good. He had been in a severe funk until this week. Annie is doing well. I got some photos which are all over this post. She and work are the only bright spots for me right now. My turn to be in "super funk" mode. Tiny dog had a traumatic day today. We had a vaccination clinic at school and he finally got micro chipped. BIG needle=BIG yip. Poor tiny dog. Morgan was very concerned about him.
Last news is that Marie and I are dreaming about breeding horses. She may be a very bad influence on me! We are going to go see some breeders of Gypsy and Drum Horses just out of town. I also have ideas of breeding Annie with a Friesian. There are some spectacular ones right outside of town. Marie is thinking of breeding some of her mares to Gypsies to make Drum horses. We'll see what happens.

I am concluding the writing section of this blog entry and just showing off my pretty Annie girl. She is really coming along.