Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I finally got the pictures of Angie! She's so cute and very cuddly. She only issue we've had with her is that her hind feet are very poorly trimmed and she is a little grumpy about getting them trimmed and shod. Today Marie had to resort to the needle. In a few more trimmings she should be considerably better.

I started working with Bailey today. He is Marie's big bay Clydesdale gelding. I am training him to ride so she can sell him. He's broke to drive but unfortunately is a little to "wired" for all the beginner drivers Marie deals with. He'd be great as a show horse or a riding horse but has a little too much "go" for downtown. He sure moves well and I look forward to riding him! Today I had no issues getting the saddle on him but when I started the jumping and hopping on the stirrups from the ground he was rather unnerved. He didn't even really like me sitting on the edge of the round pen. I will move slowly with this part. He's so big that I can hardly get the saddle on and I have a two step-stool that brings me to the point where I can mount normally. He's got to be at least 17hh!

Miss Pye is doing well and she got to go out to pasture with Annie today. I guess Pye pushed Annie around a bit, which I always like to hear. Keeps me from having to do it! =)

School is winding down as Finals are the second week of March. This week I have a paper due and next week is the Anatomy Lab final. Tomorrow Tiny Dog is going with me to do some lab for Vet. Sci. II. He's always happy to go until things start going up his bum. He got groomed tonight (so did Cody!) so at least he'll be looking good.

Morgan got her report card this week and she's doing well in social stuff and science but needs some work on reading, writing , and math. Poor kid, she's taking after her mother. She's doing better steadily but is still just a bit behind. Considering that she is in second grade and is working on FRACTIONS and ALGEBRA I feel she is doing just fine. I mean I didn't start working on that stuff until Jr. High and I was in an accelerated program! Geesh. They sure do school differently these days! Fewer hours, fewer days, and far higher expectations. Awesome.

Well, I am hoping to have more time to write and such here soon. At least the weather has been lovely. It was 65 today and is supposed to be similar for the rest of the week. If this keeps up I will continue to have plenty of riding time! Yippee!