Wednesday, April 8, 2009


More videos folks! I've been trying to get the videos of Morgan sledding done for the past two weeks and just haven't. Well today I became slightly injured due to being severely out of shape and riding a Clydesdale so to make me feel better I decided to do some video editing. There is one of me and Bailey and one of Morgan and our two days of sledding after the big snow two weeks ago.

All is going pretty well over here. Money is working itself out and Toby will be on his way out here next Tuesday. Cody is working quite a bit and the only thing left is poor Annie who hasn't been ridden in about a month. After I recover some I will get on that. Show season is starting soon and Katey and I are really wanting to get to some of those. Katey (my riding buddy from work) is really jazzed to barrel race Pippen, the 16hh Suffok Punch gelding. I will DEFINITELY post videos of that!

Here's the link to this blog so you can view the videos.