Sunday, April 26, 2009


Toby is in Colorado! He arrived just in time for a heavy spring snow. He was a little shocked when he got here but a warm blanket and some big-boned chicks to hang out with and he settled right in. Lol! As you can see his cart arrived with him and I hitched him up and took him down the road with no issues. He acted like he had never had any time off! He and Annie remembered each other and had a wild time running around the round pen. He has managed to escape from him pen once and is digging a hole in one corner of his pen. Lucky thing Marie thinks he's cute!
In other news Bailey got clipped, Marie picked up a beautiful Black Shire mare named Willow, Morgan is planning her Birthday. There is a Tinkerbell theme and a Pinata involved. =) Cody and Morgan went wild this week and cleaned the house and got the laundry done. I am thrilled! We finally got to work this weekend for the first time in three weeks, although today we got rained out halfway through.
I am doing well in school, having passed my first two Parasitology tests quite well. The A & P Cranial Nerves test went well also. I got 140 out of 150 points on my Sterile Tech Instrument's test and am managing to gown myself without too much contamination. I have plans of taking Morgan out to ride with me and Toby tomorrow or Tuesday and so we might have more pictures soon.