Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Girl and her Pony

What a great day!! After Morgan got out of school I took her down to the stables. She finished her homework on the way (Yea!) and then we spent some time with Toby.

Morgan really enjoyed herself and is really excited to come play with the horses again. I am so happy! My daughter finally wants to hang out at the barn with me!

Toby was a total gentleman and Morgan groomed him including picking his feet. She was a little nervous, remembering how he was in his younger days, but he was very good and she settled in very quickly.

After the grooming we hitched him up and took him down the road. He is still very out of shape and acclimatizing but he managed to work for almost an hour. Morgan even drove him a little. She has started working on turns and learning that you have to let go of the horse's mouth when they are being good. She did so well! She now wants to start riding some and so I need to get the pony saddle out here. I am not convinced that Toby will be great at it but with me helping I think he might finally get broke to ride. He has been a little inconsistent in the past. Makes my miss little Katie Selman more than ever! She'd have him broke in no time!

I made a video of our exploits and I am including it. As usual, those who get email updates will have to actually come to the site to view the video.

Hope you all are having as wonderful a Spring as we are!