Sunday, April 19, 2009


We adopted a new kitty! Loosing Critter was hard but as he was very old and was living on borrowed time we had been expecting him to pass. We knew we would get a new kitty after he had gone. The fist week or so we weren't in any hurry but we decided to start looking last week.

I found a kitty online that needed a new home. A nice lady had adopted her from an abandonment situation early in the year and took care of her and her kittens. She had "Mama" fixed, vetted, micro chipped, and tested for FeLV and FIV. Luckily she tested negative for both. She found homes for the kittens and then planned on keeping "Mama". Unfortunately she had two other cats and "Mama" was traumatized and terrified by them. She did get along with the lady's dogs and grandchildren so she put up an add on MySpace to re-home the pretty girl. I found the ad and after talking with her about our family and home we got lucky enough to be given this sweet and pretty girl.

We have decided that "Pixel" is a better name for her. We haven't seen much of her since her arrival. She was pretty freaked out by the car ride here and so far she has made appearances only when wet food is presented and even then we only glimpse flashes of tail. We know about the "traumatized, hiding kitty" deal though and several times a day we will head down to the basement (her "kennel") to call for her and try to make friends. The lady who gave her to us said she was very friendly and playful so we know she will come out of her shell in a week or two.

She has the spare bed, the space heater, and about 400 sq feet of private quarters to settle into. We are excited to meet her and we hope she will come around sooner than later. She was very sweet and reminded me of my darling Julia when we met her before the disappearance. Soon we will have more details to post.