Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I finally remembered to bring my camera on one of our "Dog Park" outings. As you see, Cody managed to find some scrap Berber carpet and rigged up the dogs some five star accommodations in the back of the truck.

The trip to the park is usually noisy. Straton knows the way and starts barking in excitement as soon as we pull out onto the main drag. Once we park he is whining and Brigs is bouncing off the windows.

The walk to the park is about 200' and is usually a little high energy. They know they have to behave but it is SOOO hard!

The park has double gates where we make them sit and get unleashed. Then the gates open and they run for the next 1/2 hour straight! Cody and Straton play Frisbee and tackle the agility obstacles. The "A" frame is Straton's favorite.

The park is huge and there are always tons of dogs to play with.

The ride home includes Brigs jumping into the backseat of the cab and then "Flying" out the window. We have found he will do this up to 50 mph and in temps as low as 30 degrees. Beyond those parameters he is not so keen on the flying, though he will keep "testing" to see if the conditions have improved.

Enjoy the pics!