Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Holy mackerel! I have been working, and working, and working!!! Morgan left to visit Nana and Buddy and the rest of WEB Ranch last week and this week is at her dad's. I am glad she was gone as Cody and I were almost never home. I miss the Christmas morning festivities but as I made a trip first to Urgent Care and then to the ER for a bad nerve flare in my arms I had my own festivities. In this picture are Miss Sweetie Pie and good ol' Mikey at the hitching post at the warehouse. The lot of us have been in this same situation so much lately that I think even the horses are having dreams about work! We are almost done though. It will be SO nice when this season is over with. I have enjoyed the work and the cash flow but I think the company as a whole is ready for the late winter lull. I will write more tomorrow (uh... today) after I have time to edit photos. Hope you all had a lovely Holiday!!! Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Joyous Holidays!!!