Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Tired

It was -10 degrees F this morning. Um... BURRRRRR! Little Brigs can now pee in less than 30 seconds and then will bark furiously to be let back in. He sleeps by the fire, and buries himself in any blanket or pillow he can find. He prefers to sleep under the covers with Cody. Cody usually indulges him.

Morgan is becoming more willing to layer. I have gotten her in three layers of pants and shirts, snow pants, heavy coat, hat, gloves, and boots for the last three days. What an accomplishment! Now if I can just keep her clothed indoors...

I am helping Marie out at her place during the week cleaning stalls and feeding to allow her to get paperwork and reservations done. Today I bundled up and tackled feeding and cleaning in the icy cold but sunny weather.

I am learning that manure freezes, water heaters only work on the bottom half of the tanks, and the closer you are to the transformer the more likely you are to black out when you hit the electric fence. In general it isn't too bad to clean because when you are moving you don't get too cold and in this kind of cold there is no mud. I have never before used a pic axe to clean manure before and find this a surprisingly useful tool to have around when cleaning stalls.

Cody helped out with the customer wrangling on Saturday night and he took some cool pictures of the carriages but can't find his camera. When we do locate it I will post new pictures.