Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warming Trends

It's nice again. The weather is in the 30s and climbing. Each day this week should be nicer and nicer until Saturday or Sunday. Then another cold front will roll in though they are not predicting much snow.

Life in general is good. Morgan is looking forward to seeing the WEB Ranch gang next week and I am looking forward to being done with laundry. Well, for a day or so anyway.

Not much else except that with the weather warming the manure is thawing and I didn't have to use the pick in the pens today, only the metal landscaping rake. The dogs are enjoying not freezing when outside, and Morgan is back to refusing layers.

We found Cody's camera and so I thought I'd post the pictures from the other night. They are a bit towards the blurry side but show off some of the nice sights I see each evening on the carriages. Enjoy!

Both above are of the City and County building. Isn't it pretty?

Miss Sweetie Pie doing her thing!

Curtis Street

Daniels and Fischer Tower

Miss Pie pulling in behind Dolly and my riding buddy, Katie. (Katie is in the Santa hat)

Another co-worker, Allen. His cape is awesome! He had it shipped in from Scotland!

The 16th street mall decked out for the holidays.