Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I took my two finals today and I am DONE with school until January 6th! Yippeeeeee! I can not begin to explain my joy. It is beyond the scope of words.

It was a perfect day today. We woke up to snow, about 8-10", and overcast skies but by 10 am it was sunny and cold but beautiful! The roads were slushy but not too bad and the tests were not too difficult.

When I got home poor Cody had yet another migraine and the rugrat was watching TV with the dogs guarding her. I took the book bag and threw it in a corner with no intentions of viewing it again until January 5th.

I decided that it was so lovely out that I needed to go take some photos and you will see some of the best here. I walked the 1/2 block over to the park and Cherry Creek and took pictures of the iced over water, and then when I got home I took the dogs out for a photo shoot.

Brigs of course started to wrestle with Straton and I got both action and still shots that I am very pleased with.

We just had spaghetti as Morgan has declared Tuesdays spaghetti night and Cody is feeling better after a nap. I am now going to work on my crocheting and revel in the splendor of having nothing else to do.

I hope you all are having as wonderful a day as I am. I am sure Cody will disagree but I think it is the nicest day I've experienced all Quarter! =)