Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well, work is cancelled, and as we have have over a foot of snow so far and it is coming down even harder now.
Driving (the car, not the carriages) has been a little slick... actually there are tons of accidents. I had to go to class this afternoon and drove very carefully and slowly. People were passing me some but not much. I avoided brakes and had problems only when turning.
I put these snowflake photos on here because of all the things about snow that I find fascinating, the most amazing thing to me is that the snowflakes actually look like the drawings and cartoons I have seen over the years!
I know you all who have seen snow a ton find this humorous but I have only ever experienced "wet" snow before and yesterday when at Marie's the snow started to fall and landed on my dark sweatshirt I saw the little delicate crystals that look just like in the cartoons and I fell in love! Marie found me very humorous and so did Cody. Morgan is just as fascinated as I am.
Today's COLD has caused the falling snow to be a very dry powder and the tiny crystals are adorable as they cling to my clothing, and windows. I have wanted to take pictures of the flakes but decided that I could probably find ones online and voila! Thanks Flicker! These pictures are all very similar to the flakes I saw yesterday. Today's flakes are bigger and more varied. They are the prettiest thing I have seen in a very long time!
Well, as htis is the second ebtry today make sure to check out the previous post.
For now, I will get back to crochetting Morgan another "Blue Blankie". Her old one is starting to look rather ragged and she asked me to make her a new one. She picked out the yarn and I am crochetting away.