Thursday, December 18, 2008


So I get a call from Cody today that starts out, "I was laying in bed with Hazel..."

If you have followed my previous posts you would know that Hazel is our oldest Corn snake. She is super mellow and is Cody's favorite hang-out buddy. She helps him with all sorts of things; from watching TV to cooking dinner.

While I am fond of the snakes, the combination of Cody under the influence of migraine meds (yea Tylenol Migraine!), napping, and Hazel in the bed seems like a bad combination.

And the story just got better. Apparently he got the idea to hang Hazel on the propeller of little plane that hangs over our bed. He then fell asleep. Of course, when he woke up Hazel was gone.

She hadn't gone far, luckily, but she did manage to wedge her 3' + body into the smallest plane with an open fuselage that we own. He and Morgan managed to coax Hazel out of her new favorite spot but it did take them about an hour and Cody had to disassemble the plane as much as could be done without making it unusable.

Makes my day of mucking and then weathering out a snowstorm in the flat lands of Colorado seem begnin!

Enjoy the photos! =)